DAMPA Clip-In Tile with Bevelled Edge
The tiles are part of a complete ceiling system with concealed suspension system. The bevelled edge of the modular tiles emphasises the square feature of the ceiling. Creative combinations with various standard tiles offer the possibility of individual design.

The selected colours of the tiles and of the acoustic felt inlay combined with different perforation patterns offer innumerable design capabilities. Various types of recessed tiles provide additional options for individual solutions.

The tiles are produced on a tile press plant securing uniformity. They are available in steel or aluminium. For installation in areas with high humidity, aluminium is recommended.

Various hole sizes and perforation patterns in combination with the coloured acoustic felt add an extra dimension to the appearance of the ceiling.

With a choice of tiles in a specific colour or in a combination of different colours, the ceiling surface becomes part of the interior design.

Acoustic Felt
The combination of perforation and acoustic felt bonded to the reverse side of the tiles contributes to optimal acoustics. The acoustic felt prevents any dust fall-out from perforated tiles. The acoustic felt is available in three different colours, i.e. white, black and blue.

Suspension System
In the concealed suspension system the tiles are secured to the carriers – without the use of tools. For further details see “3.3 Installation of DAMPA Clip-In Tile”. Integrated System Lighting and ventilation for the tiles are designed as integral parts of the ceiling.

All tile modules are installed in the same suspension system extending the number of creative combinations. Aluminium and steel tiles are supplied in modules of 300 × 300 mm, 300 × 600 mm,600 × 600 mm, 312.5 × 625 mm, 625 × 625 mm and 500 × 500 mm.Additionally, aluminium tiles are supplied in modules of 24 × 24 inch. Recessed tiles are supplied in modules of 600 × 600 mm.

It is possible to remove and reinstate individual tiles anywhere in the ceiling by using a simple dismantling tool. Quality The tiles are produced to DAMPA’s Quality Management System approved by Lloyd’s Register in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.

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