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We deliver some of the most functional and aesthetic structures in the Gulf region with integrated state-of-the-art advances in ergonomics and technology for the interior fit-out industry.


Specialists in Interior Fitting

We offer a wide range of solutions to any interior fit-out project you may have. So whether it’s renovation, refurbishment or a new build, we’re here to help.

Fit-out Types

Suspended Ceiling Systems

Partition Systems

Solid Surface Materials And Engineered Stone

Joinery Works

Raised Access Flooring

GRG Molding and Paneling

Steel Support Systems

Marble Flooring

Exterior Painting

E-Foam - Extruded Polystyrene

Internal Painting


Furniture Manufacturing

Wooden Ceiling

Column Cladding

Acoustical Ceiling

Lighting Fixtures

Specialists in Trading

We act as the exclusive agents for some of the largest brand names of high quality finished products, manufacture complementary materials and carry out their installation.

Having proved ourselves to be a leader in this field and a valued partner that is highly regarded by both suppliers and clients, we work hard to maintain our quality standards.

We have worked closely with developers, engineering consultants and contractors for more than 40 years, providing them with building material solutions. By offering a variety of products in terms of applications and prices without compromising quality, we have continuously met the needs of the market and exceeded expectations.


When referring to ceilings, Cloisall is a clear leader in the field. In addition to their exclusive agreement with M/S Dampa Denmark, a European global pioneer in the fabrication of metal ceilings, Cloisall has developed its own brand “Teknitile” offering a similar product in terms of quality and application but at more economical cost.


Thanks to Cloisall’s close relations and dealings with all the major manufacturers and suppliers, the company supplies and fits all types of dry wall partitions meeting all fire rated, acoustical and moisture resistance performance. Cloisall takes pride in working with clients to offer the most suitable and economically feasible solutions.

Solid Surfaces & Engineered Stone

Over thirty years ago, Cloisall introduced solid surface materials to the UAE, and eventually to the Gulf and Middle East region. Cloisall carries the globally recognized brand KRION® is a new generation solid surface developed by SYSTEMPOOL, a company that belongs to the Porcelanosa Group.


Cloisall offers a number of innovative products under its paint portfolio including unique stone finish paints from Japan and Korea as well as decorative paint from Spain with a 10 years warranty for both internal and external applications. In order to support its clients, Cloisall has an experienced application team.

Geotextiles & Extruded Polystyrene

Cloisall is also a leader in this field, supporting water-proofing companies, roofers and contractors by supplying Geotextiles from BONAR NATPET, a separation felt made of bonded polypropylene used for drainage, road works, bridges and many other related civil works. Cloisall has hosted many seminars educating engineers.

Specialists in Manufacturing

By establishing our own manufacturing facility, we have developed solutions for all of the current development challenges.

We produce all types of C Channels, L Angles, Cleats and Brackets utilized as secondary supports, bracing angles or bridging Channels.

This is done under the tight inspection of Cloisall’s QA/QC engineer and the advice and instruction of the structural engineer in accordance to the project’s requirements and load specifications.


Fit-out Solutions

Solid Surface Fabrication Factory

Joinery Workshop

Rotomoulding Factory

Ceiling and Access Panels Factory

GRG Workshop

Steel Structure Workshop

Extruded Polystyrene Factory (EEP, Emirates Extruded. P)


Solid Surface Fabrication Factory


Fit-out Solutions

Solid Surface Fabrication Factory

Joinery Workshop


Solid Surface Fabrication Factory


Solid Surface Fabrication Factory

Chemical services

Under the Chemicals Trading division, we supply a broad range of chemical components to world leading brands such as DuPont, Dow Chemical, Ashland Inc., BNF and Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation.





In addition to various chemicals from other countries, offering a complete package to each and every industry. Cloisall supplies the following to various Industries.


Polyol, TDI, MDI, (Rigid & Flexible Foam) Silicones, Amines, Stannous Octate, Methylene Chloride.


Unsaturated Polyester Resins, Vinyl Ester Resins, Chopped Strand Matt, Glass Roving, Woven Roving, Acetone, Methylene Chloride, Epoxy Resins.


PVA emulsions, Styrene Acrylic emulsions, Acrylic emulsions, Monomers like Butyl Acrylate, 2-EHA, MMA, Solvents, Epoxy Resins, Titanium Dioxide, Coalescing Agents, Alkyd Resins.


Drilling Mud Chemicals, Gas Treatment Chemicals.
PLASTICS LDPE, HDPE, Polystyrenes, ABS, Polycarbonates, Poly Propylenes,
Glycol Ethers.


Epoxy Resins, PVA, Homo Polymers, Cellulose Ethers, Solvents.

Laundry Hotel

Dry Cleaning, Perchloroethylene.

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